Product Description


  1. Excellent Performance
  2. Scientific and customized programs
  3. Consideration of user’s safety and convenience
  • Installed high-quality AC motor and precise motor control.
  • Achieved higher torque even in a low speed, decreased noise from in low to high speed, and minimized vibration.
  • Prevent belt’s leaning.
  • Formed highly hard frame structure.2. Large size LCD Monitor (M990TL, M995TL)
  • Mounted 15” LCD monitor in display console.
  • Allow user to enjoy exercise with watching TV, VCR, and DVD.
  • Support headphone function.
  • Preprogrammed various exercise programs (intensified cardiopulmonary programs, fat burn, and stamina promotion programs.
  • Built-in goal-oriented programs.
  • Built-in H/R program which is connected with H/R and adjusts incline automatically
  • Belt near ground as soon as possible for user’s stability
  • Multi-shock absorption system
  • Nano-silver antimicrobial handle bar
  • Touch sensitive switch (Switch brightness control is available.)
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 kinds of emergency keys.
  • Wide space for accessory tray
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