Product Description

Burn more calories with this efficient and effective full body machine.
The revolutionary M30 Series provides synchronized motions to work the upper and lower body in tandem. With the ergonomic design and easily adjustable vertical step range, your workout will feel smooth and natural with minimal stress to your ankles and joints. The CST allows users of all sizes and strength levels to have an enjoyable, new workout experience.

  • Fully Body Workout to Burn More Calories
  • Ergonomic Design for Smooth, Sync Motion
  • Optional 10.4” Samsung LCD TV Panel
  • 3 Workout Stances for Full Intensity
  • Manager Settings and Preset Programs
  • Moving and Fixed Handlebars
  • One Touch Intensity Control
  • Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility
  • Natural Pedal Angle and Adjustable
  • Vertical Step Range
 Specification / Model  M30C  M30CL
 Power  Self‐Powered, Cordless, 6V Rechargeable Battery  100‐240VAC, 50/60Hz
 Workout Intensity  25 Levels by PWM Control  25 Levels by PWM Control
 Drive System  Poly – V Belt  Poly – V Belt
 Vertical Step Range of Motion   15‐7/8”, Fixed  13‐1/4”‐ 19‐1/4”, Variable
 Pedal Angle Variation   0 to 4 degrees  0 to 18 degrees

LCD Console

 Screen Size  No  10.4” TFT LCD TV Panel
8‐3/8” (H) x 6‐1/4” (V)
 Control Buttons  No  Channel up/down,
Volume up/down,
Power on/off
 Broad Capabilities  No  NTSC, PAL, SECAM
 Signal Connections  No Co‐Axial F‐Connector, RCA Connector

Workout Display

 8×16 Dot Matrix  2‐3/8” x 4‐3/4”, Workout Profile    1‐1/4” x 2‐1/2”, Workout Profile
 FND  Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, Workout Level, Distance Climbed,
Total Calories Burned, Speed, Heart Rate
 Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, Workout Level, Distance Climbed,
Total Calories Burned, Speed, Heart Rate‐
 –    Level of Step Range

HR Monitoring Contact HR & Telemetry HR

 Preprogrammed  10  15
 Heart Rate Control  2 2
 Customized  5 5
 Goal   Goal Distance, Calories, Time  Goal Distance, Calories, Time
 Accessory   Tray Holder for Water Bottle  Tray Holder for Water Bottle
 Headphone Jack  No  Yes
 Pedal Size  15‐3/4” x 6‐5/8”  15‐3/4” x 6‐5/8”
 Color   Dark Gray  Dark Gray
 Other Features Button with Lighting Lamp, One‐Touch Intensity Control, Reading Rack, Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility, Adjustable Foots for Leveling, Manager Setting, Moving Handle Bars and Fixed Handle Bars
 Maximum User Weight  410 lbs
 Physical Dimensions (L – W – H)  57‐1/8” x 34‐3/4” x 76‐1/4”
 Product Weight   353 lbs


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