Force USA G9


Product Description

Force USA introduces the new Monster G9 Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Multi-Gym. Fitness experts around the world have used up to 300 different exercises on this commercial Multi-Gym.

Designed and engineered in the USA to be robust, solid and versatile enough to create a variety of workouts for the most demanding of trainers. The Monster G9 is the full commercial version of the legendary Monster G3 used in personal training Studios and home gyms around the world.

The monster G9 offers the equivalent of 8 strength training machines in a single power rack footprint including a Smith Machine, Power rack, Functional Trainer, Pull-up Station, Dip Bars, Vertical Leg Press, Base Pulley Row and Core Trainer / Landmine.


Force USA G9 Monster Commercial

Force USA G9

Force USA G9 All In One Trainer

Force USA G9 All In One Trainer Walkthrough