Fixed Rubber EZ Curl Barbells

Product Description

Force USA Commercial Grade Fixed Rubber Barbells are designed to be unbreakable to a commercial gym environment during typical gym use. These bars are produced with VPC (Virgin Polymer Compound) along with urethane safety caps and technically designed, contoured multi-grip knurling handles with solid steel bars providing exceptional comfort. The VPC has been machine pressed onto the handles, lock tightened and bolted to provide the tightest tolerance which far exceeds commercial grade gym standards.

  • Commercial Grade
  • Durable virgin rubber
  • Ergonomic design
  • Embossed with KGs
  • Machine pressed
  • 2yr factory warranty
  • Available in straight bar (CFRB) in 5kg increments or curl bar (CFRCB) in 5kg increments
  • Designed to avoid scratching gym floor surface or other equipment
  • Can be stored horizontally on storage racks to avoid possible injuries.

Available Sizes:

  • CFRCB5       –   5kg
  • CFRCB10    – 10kg
  • CFRCB15    – 15kg
  • CFRCB20    – 20kg
  • CFRCB25    – 25kg
  • CFRCB30    – 30kg
  • CFRCB35    – 35kg
  • CFRCB40    – 40kg
  • CFRCB45    – 45kg
  • CFRCB50    – 50kg
  • CFRCB55    – 55kg
  • CFRCB60    – 60kg
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